” “You want a■nother consultation? I am re●ady to give you one. The usual fee, of cour■se. Oh, not now!” As Martin turne■d to the dressing table where lay a small h●eap of money, he raised a soft,


arres●ting hand. “The hour is too early ■for business even in France. I have● no doubt Corinna is equally anxious to consult ■me. How is she?” “Much the sam●e as usual,” said Martin. “By w●hich


you would imply that she belongs to th■e present stubborn and stiff-necked generati■on of young Englishwomen. I hope yo■u haven’t suffered unduly.” “I?● Oh, Lord, no!” Martin repli●ed, with a lau

gh. “Corinna goes her way and I● go mine. Occasionally when there’s only one ●way to go—well, it isn’t hers.” “You’ve ■put your foot down.” “At any rate Co■rinna hasn’t put h

er foot d■own on me. I think,” said Martin,● rubbing his thinly clad sides meditative■ly, “my journey with Corinna has not been ●without profit to myself. I’ve made a disc●overy.”

He paused. “My dear young friend, 癖 said Fortinbras, “let me hear it.”  霭I’ve found out that I needn’t be trampled■ on unless I like.” Fortinbras■ passed his hand over his broad forehe●ad and his silver mane and regard●ed the young man acutely. Whatever possib■ilities he might have seen of ●a romantic attachment between the pair of der■elicts no longer existed. Martin had t●aken cool measure of Corinna and was n●ot the

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